03 Jul 2018

Practicing doctors and specialists of various fields of medicine and pharmacology, psychologists, medical anthropologists; specialists in the field of cultivation of medicinal plants and production of traditional herbal medicines based on them; representatives of legislative and executive authorities in the field of health care; representatives of medical universities and research institutes; public and private clinics; specialists in the field of medical law; representatives of companies involved in the development, research and production of traditional herbal medicines, methods and tools for diagnosis and treatment, and the organization of clinical studies are invited to work in the Forum.

The Forum will take place in the format of plenary sessions and workshops, round tables and master classes, the themes of which cover both the fundamental issues of traditional medical systems and the particular aspects of different types of TMS. THEMES OF THE FORUM • The value and importance of traditional medical systems for preserving and promoting the health of citizens. • Traditional medical systems as part of world culture. • Rehabilitation, primary and secondary prevention in traditional medical systems; • Integration of traditional medical systems into national health systems. • Harmonization of the legislation of the BRICS countries in the field of traditional medical systems. • Application of medicines and methods of traditional medical systems as a way to increase the effectiveness of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation. • The effectiveness of the methods of traditional medical systems in sanatoriums and resorts. • Active longevity in traditional medical systems. • Evidence base of traditional medical systems. • Growing themedicinal plants used in traditional medical systems of the world in Russia and the production of traditional herbal medicines based on them. • Registration, use and circulation of traditional herbal medicines for primary and secondary prevention and rehabilitation. • Traditional medical systems in the focus of medical anthropology. Applications for participation and theme of report for the generation of the Forum Plan (drawn up in accordance with the publication rules in Annex 1) areaccepted until August 1, 2018 to the email address: Abstracts are accepted until September 20, 2018 (abstracts must be prepared according to the rules of publications specified in Appendix 2) to the e-mail address: centertms(dot)mgmu(at)gmail(dot)com

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