5th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa March 1-3, 2017 Kathmandu/Nepal

06 Feb 2017

More about the Congress
Jointly organised by SORIG KHANG INTERNATIONAL NEPAL/SKIN  in cooperation with the International Congress Team of SKI and partner organizations in Nepal, such as Sowa Rigpa International College affiliated with Lumbini Buddhist University. The latter is the first institution in Nepal to offer an accredited degree program in the Science of Traditional Himalayan and Tibetan Medicine. Under the motto “Sowa Rigpa in Action” the International Congress Team of SKI warmly welcomes all to attend a program beyond theory, sharing knowledge and practice. For the 5th time people from more than 40 different countries will come together with joy and openness to celebrate the rich and creative world of Sowa Rigpa.

During the Congress days we would like to focus on inspiring practical aspects in the field of Sowa Rigpa: highly experienced speakers will present „case reports“ of their work and together with experts and scholars from around the world and -alltogether in close cooperation-  we are going to establish international guidelines for future Sorig case reports and case studies. Parallel to the presentations we invite to practical workshops on external therapies (Stick Therapy, Bloodletting, Acupuncture, 5 Nectar Bath Therapy). In between there will be an ongoing process of joint meditation and participants will visit the Sorig College & clinics nearby for open treatment sequences, joint consultations and all interested practitioners are going to work together in Free medical camps in different nepalese areas after the Congress.

Since the Congress Opening falls on Losar/Tibetan New Year, we will include Losar activities in the Congress Program. The Congress family will celebrate the Tibetan new year with our Tibetan friends in Nepal and around the world and the Congress will be a part of the festivities and offer time for shared joint Losar activities

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